18. Professional procrastinator and lay about. God of video games. Son and heir of the wealthy Evans family fortune.

Taking pictures

|| AU RP account, Y'all. ||

Chinese and cardigans 

Sam turned his head to face the small alarm clock in his room “7:06.” He told himself. “Let’s get moving, Sammy boy.” The blond motivated, Showing himself from the bed and dropping his clothes as he wandered to his marble tiled en-suite. He ran the shower and steppd into the now steaming cubicle. He closed his eyes for a second and had visions of Blaine. Blaine’s body in the shower- In the shower with him. Sam felt himself shudder as he began to stroke his own length. His forearm leaning against the cool tiled and his forehead leaning on his arm. His breath slowly escaped his lips as tiny groans dropped. He kept his eyes closed, Imagining more and more of Blaine. His body. What muscles were going to lurk beneath the cardigan. Sam fell back, His back hitting the cold tiles on the other corner of the shower. His right hand still sliding and working a sturdy member. His left hand’s finger began to curl around and into mouth. They tugged on his bottom lip as he moaned into the fist, He felt himself tense- Trying to linger the sensation of the orgasm but he couldn’t hold it. 

The euphoria rocketing through every nerve in his muscular body, His palm slowing to a slow caress before it left his now falling member. He stuttered out a short and half-assed “F-Fuck.” before he washed the excess fluids from his hand and then showered. He shut the flow of water off and stepped out, not wrapping a towel around. He was home alone and there was no point wrapping up, right? He pulled a rather tight fitting black v-neck over his head, The damp body beneath it only caused the shirt to cling tighter. A pair of faded grey skinny-jeans covered his legs and he slipped a pair of trivial sneakers on. He covered up once more with a favorite purple hoodie of his. He purposefully tried to avoid anything with a designer or brand sprawled across it. Luckily, Blaine, or Sam’s family, knew about either secret. The first, from Blaine, that Sam was actually son and heir to the Evan’s family fortune. The second, from his family, that Sam was gay. He looked back to the clock. “7.46. How long was I jerking for?” He rhetorically asked himself with a slight chuckle in his voice. 

Sam raced out of their large family home and grabbed a taxi, He recalled the address that he made himself learn by heart during his afternoon math class. After pulling into the area, A little different to the area he currently lived in. Not necessarily bad but different. He knocked the door he was told do and fidgeted in his standing. “FuckFuckFuck" was all he could think as he waited for a response.

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